sc-refit – Backsheet Repair Solution



Frequently Asked Questions

Repair Process

  • Who can perform the repair process?
    sc-refit maintains a growing network of accredited partners throughout Europe. These companies have undergone extensive qualification and training process. If you are interested in performing the repair for backsheets yourself, click the link Request Information .
  • Does my pv plant need to be dismantled to be repaired?
    Yes, for the moment [currently] repair work can only be performed on dismantled modules.
  • How reliable is the backsheet repair solution?
    The repair process is designed to restore the full electrical protection of the backsheet. We anticipate minimizing risk factors associated with the loss of the electrical protection of the panel over its residual / expected lifetime or even beyond.
  • Does the repair solution include dismounting and reinstallation of the PV panels ?
    No, but you can ask for a separate offer from the accredited partner who will perfom the repair of your pv panels.
  • Is there any restriction on the quantity of PV panels to repair?
    Principally for larger PV plants, the modules can be repaired directly on site. For smaller batches under 1 MW, the repair process will typically be conducted in a centralized repair hub of our accredited partners.
  • What is the price of the repair solution?
    There are many factors that affect the cost of the repair (for example quantity of modules, location of the power plant or special project details). For typical modules size the repair cost is around 0,16€/Wp.
  • I want to know more about the repair solution. How do I get more information?
    Please click the link Request Information and we will contact you as soon as possible.
  • Accredited Installer Network

  • I want to be member of the sc-refit installer network. What do I have to do?
    For more information and registration please follow the link below  Request Information.
  • What is an accredited partner?
    An accredited partner is generally an installer that has successfully completed our training and qualification process. These accredited partners can exclusively apply the repair solution in accordance with our specifications and quality requirements. The qualified partner is a member of the sc-refit installer network.
  • How much does the membership of the sc-refit installer network cost?
    The registration and membership of the sc-refit installer network is free of charge.
  • I´m a Q&M Provider with many subcontractors. Can I qualify a team from my company and supervise the repair performed by my subcontractors?
    Only a qualified team can perform the repair. The repair teams from your subcontractors have to be qualified and accredited as well.
  • Premature Backsheet Degradation

  • My PV panels have Riso problems but I am not sure if it is a backsheet cracking problem. What can I do?
    For a detailed assessment of your installation, please click the link Request Information or you can contact our accredited partner SUNCYCLE ( directly.
  • How can I be sure that the isolation problem of my PV panels is a premature backsheet degradation?
    For a detailed assessment of your installation, please click the link Request Information or contact our accredited partner SUNCYCLE ( directly.
  • Warranty Issues

  • How does the repair affect the manufacturer’s warranty for the modules?
    DuPont™ and sc-refit GmbH are currently negociating with different manufacturers to keep the original warranty after reinforcing the PV-panel to ensure electrical intergrity.
  • I have an open claim with the manufacturer but nothing happens. Can I repair the PV panels and get the money back from the manufacturer?
    We recommend to check with the manufacturer before you perform a repair. If you have an open claim, it may be necesary to get an approval for the solution. You can also negotiate with the manufacturer to accept the repair as solution for the claim and to cover the associated cost.
  • I still have warranty from the manufacturer but he is not more present on the market any more. Who pays the cost of the smart repair solution?
    We recommend getting in contact with your legal department and consulting your possibilities.